Instructions on connecting from out of campus

If your out of NTU’s network, you can use NTU’s VPN to access the NTU network

NTU’s VPN Quick Start Guide

Instructions on connecting to network drive

To access the network drive, you can either use the run dialog or windows explorer.

To map the drive, refer to the following link

Map a network drive (Microsoft Support)

SMB Endpoints

Lab Fileshare URL
Hardware Projects Lab \\\scse-lab$\hpl\student\your_username
Software Projects Lab \\\scse-lab$\spl\student\your_username
Software Lab 1 \\\scse-lab$\swl1\student\your_username
Software Lab 2 \\\scse-lab$\swl2\student\your_username
Software Lab 3 \\\scse-lab$\swl3\student\your_username
Hardware Lab 1 \\\scse-lab$\hwl1\student\your_username
Hardware Lab 2 \\\scse-lab$\hwl2\student\your_username
Hardware Lab 3 \\\scse-lab$\hwl3\student\your_username

Directory listing is enabled so you can refer to \\\scse-lab$ for the list of lab within the network drive


try pinging

if you cant resolve the domain when pinging

you can replace it ith the ip - (valid as of 17/08/2018)

(feel free to submit pull request if there are updates)

EDIT: I’m using Google DNS, so yeah…

if you get prompted to log in

username : STUDENT\your_username

password : your_password

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